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06:08pm 19/06/2004
  wake up everyone this community died!!! hehe , usually when im leaving a comment the subject is hehe  

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hello to the ppl that are the ppl of the ppl 
11:28pm 11/12/2003
mood: hehe
me and my friends we say hehe all the time.. hehe is just a way of life.. im glad i joined this new lil thingy itl be cutsie hehe... i admit i do say lol too.. and lmao... and omfg lmfao... shit like that..but hehe.. ooo it has so many meanings... and it is beautttifulllnesss... so hehe to u guys.. however many of u are out there... hehehehehehe


wooo!! hello!! 
05:19pm 01/07/2002
mood: happy
I say hehey and sometimes hehehey is that ok?

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06:30pm 29/06/2002
mood: accomplished
The very fist post in the Hehe Journal!! XD~! Okay, prettymous new colours will be coming soon, so...um...it'll be pretty soon. ^_^